is the first element of the Churchill Project, a vision of ColoradoColo. It is the base, the platform, and the only end-to-end secure cloud.

Your words, images, and ideas are uniquely yours and valuable, and we believe they should remain private and not changed.

Founded by a group of computer professionals and pioneers, both young and old intent on preserving content uncontaminated.

Keep It Simple & Secure

We're building an exciting platform of IaaS, and SaaS offerings from the ground up. We've adapted innovative technologies, like Elixir, built on the proven shoulders of the BEAM.

Backwards-compatibility with S3 and EC2 APIs, and Terraform providers make transitioning a piece of cake, and brings about a sense of familiarty to DevOps teams and hobbyist users alike.

We're excited to scale, and we have proactively prepared to do so; leveraging Nix/NixOS, we've ensured that we are able to recreate parts of our infrastructure quickly and reproducibly, with less room for human error.

Our UX/DX should provide relief to many, and we've targeted taos of simplicity in our option sets; Churchill's UI plans to keep the advanced stuff out of your way, but present itself when you need it. We've selected secure and private default options firsthand, separating us from other providers with default public ACLs.

If you're interested in technical writings on how we've tackled problems, like integrating our Rust based VMM with ELixir, or how we've integrated parts of our mixed-codebase using Erlang NIFs, with the help of libraries like Rustler and Zigler, subscribe to our newsletter.